Capital Markets


Imagine selling your property for top dollar to the most qualified buyer, paying all cash and closing quickly. Now imagine not being able to find suitable 1031 exchange property. The market for replacement property is the tightest of this modern real estate cycle. We employ every possible approach to ensure we successfully identify acquisitions opportunities for our clients so that they can invest with the confidence to know that they have the time they need to identify property, they have done their own realistic underwriting, they’ve won the competitive bid and have a full service team in place to manage and lease the property after close of escrow.

Our Capital Markets Platform spans the nation, covering our 60 offices and 800 professionals. We coordinate efforts in identifying opportunities, we assist each in creating underwriting transparency and we have our internal valuations business unit to assist. How is this possible? Read on.

First, we start with a Capital Markets Platform that provides for simplicity, clarity and consistency:

1.0 Marketplace – Discovery and view details of CRE properties available nationwide. We utilize local and national MLS’, databases, off market opportunities and Lee’s expansion network
2.0 Deal Center – Sort, analyze, and manage investment opportunities in an online dashboard available 24/7
3.0 Realistic Underwriting – We are experienced with Argus Discounted Cash Flow and can model different scenarios with realistic assumptions
4.0 Negotiation – We are highly adept and recognizing opportunities, utilizing top legal talent and ensuring we create a winning solution
5.0 Full Service – We execute the business plan with leasing services and provide property management, asset management and vendor referrals



Dispositions is the life blood of investors. One has not had a successful real estate investment until they have had a successful exit. Internal Rates of Return are based on the cumulative yield on capital over time. Being able to buy right, manage through headwinds, strategically create value through renovation and lease up and orchestrate a competitive selling situation can feel like a Herculean feat. Fortunately we focus daily on honing our craft and guiding our clients throughout this process to obtain reliable results. 

Our Capital Markets Platform combines senior broker lead experience, dedicated team members and staff, and robust third party tools to create the recipe for success:

1.0 Buyer Database – Target qualified investors for your listing with proven database of active principals
2.0 Marketing Toolkit – Create, launch, track and manage your next CRE listing with one simple complete solution
2.1 Executive Summary Websites – Custom build websites with professional photography, teaser information, confidentiality agreements and offering memorandum 
2.2 Email Marketing – We utilize our proprietary database and industry leading principal portals to insure we reach maximum exposure
2.3 Real Time Analytics & Custom Reporting – We proactively maintain detailed records and digital footprint of all interested parties to be able to drill down into buyer profiles and motivations
2.4 Virtual Deal Room – We private secure deal rooms to maintain and provide access for underwriting, due diligence materials
3.0 Auctions – We utilize Lee Bid, TexX and Real Capital Markets to market and sell properties in a cost effective and competitive manner



When underwriting, once must not rely on any unrationalized assumptions. We excel (no pun intended) at thinking through why we are making certain assumptions and converting our brokerage skills and expertise into realistic assumptions that can provide clarity and confidence. Knowing why you should pay a certain amount, and knowing what needs to happen for you to achieve your anticipated successful return of and return on investment capital, are only thoroughly understand after underwriting an asset. 

Our Capital Markets platform utilizes Argus and Valuate as time tested underwriting software. We are adept at building Excel models from scratch for back of the napkin math for quick desktop underwriting and can crank out a model the same day in most instances to make sure we are able to capitalize when opportunity knocks. We go through these six steps:

1.0 Income Modeling – We model inplace rents, lease ups, create market assumptions, vacancy, lease up expenses, rent increases, etc.
2.0 Expense Modeling – We project property taxes, insurance, common area maintenance and multiple modes of reimbursements
3.0 Debt Modeling – We model on an all cash basis, with different types and maturities of debt as needed
4.0 Calculate yield – We can look model different exits, over different time frames and look at cash on cash, IRR, return on capital and more
5.0 Sensitivity Analysis – We can make unlimited adjustments to leasing, expensive, price and loan assumptions
6.0 Scenario Analysis – We can look at condo maps, assemblages, sale leasebacks, value add and other possible scenarios

Justin’s strengths include multi-market transactions, focused on providing best in class solutions through a systematic and controlled process. Client’s benefit from his transactional experience and sound advice.

Do you have one specific property that needs lease up? Review our Agency Leasing to find out how we can work together.

Let’s get together and discuss your vision for success in the future and brainstorm how to realize this success. 

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