Proactive Prospecting. Purposeful Negotiation. Resourceful Vendors. Fully Leased Buildings.



  • Property Valuations
  • Market Analysis
  • User Marketing
  • Investment Underwriting
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Property Marketing
  • Property Leasing
  • Tenant Expansions
  • Tenant Consolidations
  • Lease Terminations
  • Lease Strategy

Our Unique Process

Our unique process provides structure and accountability within the often times chaotic environment of a commercial real estate transaction. We skillfully guide you through the competitive landscape, provide detailed insight into your target tenant’s key motivations, and then position your interests for success. When the process is complete, the entire team debriefs and documents the results for future reference.

We have experience representing pension funds, private equity funds, insurance companies, banks, developers in the lease up of their properties. We have represented high networth investors, family trusts, CEO’s upon successful exits, well heeled family dynasties and entrepreneurial investors in renovations and the ups and downs of the leasing cycle. We are solution oriented always.

Our process is the platform through which we continually achieve superior results for our clients:

1.0 Discovery
1.1 Conduct client discovery meeting
1.2 Conduct market research and analysis
1.3 Assemble Competitive Survey
1.4 Assemble team members and vendors in support of client
1.5 Strenths & Weakness Analysis
2.0 Property Appearance
2.1 Install new modern tasteful signage
2.2 Create cutting edge marketing collateral
2.3 3D Matterport Scan and Virtual Tour
2.4 Multiple Listing Services
3.0 Property Communication
3.1 Lease expiration contact within target market
3.2 Broker email and mailing of property collateral
3.3 Interoffice communications to promote throughout office
3.4 Target market postcard mailing
3.5 Follow up phone calls to target market
3.6 Canvassing target tenant with marketing collateral
3.7 Social media campaign by target demographics and geography
3.8 Website distribution on corporate, personal & third party sites
3.9 Market saturation leading to optimal environment
4.0 Deal Cycle
4.1 Be responsibe to all requests, tours, proposals
4.2 Be accessible on the phone, email and in person
4.3 Provide vendors and resources to continue to support client
5.0 Marketing Status & Reporting
5.1 Provide market update on trends and market sentiment
5.2 Report activity of subject and competiting properties
5.3 Communicate prospect reports to provide clarity on tenant interest
5.4 Support client with personal staff & team along with company staff
6.0 Negotiation & Closing
6.1 Explore prospects’ history & financials
6.2 Create lease documentation with attorney
6.3 Verify certificate of insurance
6.4 Deliver funds to client 
6.5 Streamline new tenant’s construction and move in


Lease Renewals

Some landlords handle lease renewals directly. Some utilize the support of an inhouse asset manager or even a property manager to handle renewals. This can be effective when they are integral to the landlords teams. More often than not, landlords and their team rely on us to help them create the environment that creates the best lease renewal outcome. There are several factors that are important to the landlord, i.e., their current loan maturity, the size of the lease respective to the entire project, providing renovations and tenant improvement allowances, the timing of distributions, and other lease expirations. Combine that with the factors effecting the tenant, i.e., the likelihood of relocation, the timing involved to find, build out and transition to new space, the competitive landscape, operating through a renovation, dealing with temporary space during construction and managing general contractors. We are uniquely positioned and experienced in understanding each parties needs and consummating a lease renewal that addresses each parties concerns in a manner that builds trust, creates net operating income, provides operational flexibility and happy clients all around. 

Vendor Resources

Many landlords have a need to find professional vendors to provide services to add value to their properties. We work with a stable of different vendors on a daily basis and always have a handful of different references for our client. Property managers, attorneys, roofers, landscapers, general contractors, specific trades, architects, space planners, interior designers, signage companies, lighting, security, dock equipment, medical equipment, you name it. We enjoy supporting our clients and providing best in class vendors to help make successful clients. 

Marketing Collateral

We enjoy finding ways to present your property in the best light possible. We constantly hire aerial photographers, drone operators, property movie creators, graphic designers, 3D virtual tour photographers, and architects to create renderings. 









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